We went to Marseille for the weekend. Saturday night we (six adults and two kids) went camping near Aubagne. If you took French class in the 1990’s you probably saw La Gloire de Mon Pere or Le Chateau de Ma MereĀ  - that’s Aubagne. Wine was drunk and petanque was played and meat was not cooked because there was a ban on campfires and barbecues. At first I thought something was wrong with my ears because I couldn’t hear anything anyone was saying, sort of like I was underwater, but then I realized it was the cicadas. Growing up in Houston I thought I knew cicadas, but this was insane. Until the sun went down, I just couldn’t hear anything because of the buzzing. There are people who stay out there for weeks. I would probably lose my mind. Oh, and Sunday night back in Marseille there was a big beautiful summer thunderstorm with lots of wind and lightening and I took a picture of the clouds rolling away just before taking the train back home.

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